The New Site is finally here!!

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Hey Loves,

Just letting everyone know that my blog has moved on to my new website, that I just launched this morning. My new blog location is at , and my new website is . I will no longer be using google friend connect since it will be disconnected from all non-blogger blogs in March!! So I hope you come a long for a new journey on my new space!!

Love you guys! Thanks for the constant support, and comments, I love it! And hope to see you at my new blog!

<3 <3

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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I am not typically one to celebrate Valentine's day! But hey, I can't deny a day that celebrates love. :) I'm a sucker for romance, and pink things lately. I'll be spending some quality time with my girlfrands. I hope everyone has an amazing Valentine's Day, or for those who deny this holiday, A happy Tuesday!! ;)

PS.. 5 more days until the new website!! Excited!!

Picture via greenweddingshoes

Good News!!

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Until what you may ask?!? Well.. find out after the cut! ;)

Insta-Diary #2

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1. My new Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop sleeve, I've seriously been needing one. A heads up for those in the area, the Bloomingdales in Bethesda is closing, so everything is on sale! :)
2.  Finally visited Ted's Bulletin . And tried their delicious milk shakes! I tried the reuben and it was pretty good. I especially love that they show old movies, it had a really great atmosphere.
3. A beautiful shot of DC, I love DC!! Its so beautiful and sometimes you just have to stop and appreciate the surroundings.
4. I still love this vest and the zipper detail on the shoulder. <3
5. Got a mani and pedi. I love this purpley color from Zoya.
6. Hosted an Herbalife Shake Party, where my friends got to try shakes. It was fun! :)

Happy Monday Everyone!! :D 

5 Thangs

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{Two of my favorite looks from Christian Dior's Spring Haute Couture 2012 collection via}

{ I always love the juxtaposition of modernity + nature. Isn't it gorgeous? Test Tube Chandelier by Pani Jurek via trendland}

{I have never ever dyed my hair before, but this fun chalk coloring idea is something I MUST try!! }

{I've been doing really well not posting as many food photos as usual. Because I love talking about food like none other and I could talk about eating food to a wall ... lol. So how could I resist posting this amazing fried pickle recipe from Spoon Fork Bacon?! I must try this asap! And I am by far no cook at all. }

{And the most talked about collection will make its debut on Sunday! Jason Wu for Target! I can't wait! Hopefully I can snag some cute skirts!}

And thanks for all the lovely comments, and kind words as always! I'll be making my blog rounds soon! <3 <3

Have an amazing weekend!! I hope you have a fun adventure, and some laughs!! :)
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