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 Rei Kawakubo is truly an inspirational fashion designer. Creator and designer at Comme des Garcons. Her story behind her life as a designer. And how being a designer and a businesswoman is the same thing. Which I completely agree with. I also really enjoy how she partners with non fashion  people because most fashion people just stay with fashion people. I truly believe we have to expand and grow outside the realm of fashion. And that is a concept that I want to reach and create with in mind.

On becoming a designer: "The decision to first of all think of creating something that didn't exist before, and then after that to give the creation form and expression in a way that can be made into a business. I cannot separate being a designer from being a businesswoman. It's one and the same thing for me."

"In five years we have opened 37 different guerrilla shops with nonfashion partners in unheard-of places or in parts of cities hitherto untrammeled. By partnering with nonfashion people, and requiring that we open only for one year, and limiting the amount of money spent on each shop, we brought a breath of fresh air to retail. And it generated enormous sales! We were selling only the stock we already had locked up in the warehouse anyway."

I don't feel too excited about fashion today. People just want cheap fast clothes and are happy to look like everyone else.  - Rei Kawakubo
I also highly agree with her in terms of the excitement in fashion today. Nothing really excites me like before, because everyone settles for looking the same as everyone else. :/ The interview can be found here:"

Truly an inspiration for all designers to learn from and hopefully grow from.

What do you think of her philosophy?


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2 Responses to 'Fashion Focus: Rei Kawakubo'

  1. ediot said...'> September 14, 2011 at 3:01 PM

    it's an interesting one. and i really adore the pieces. the first photo is fantastic. i love the contrasts in the pieces. thanks a lot for sharing


  2. CINDY NGO said...'> September 15, 2011 at 3:14 AM

    that tutu is simply amazeballs. haha

    thanks for sharing! :)

    hope you'll visit again soon & enter my YSL inspired arty ring giveaway HERE :)

    cins - design3rd


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